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Home maintenance refers to a discipline and learning ability to repair and maintain the home to keep it in good condition. When you consider your home to be your biggest investment, maintaining it is a must. Home maintenance tends to be an issue of continuity since it comes with differences in season.

Spring cleanup: This begins from the outside by raking up the remaining leaves that overcame the winter and putting down some protection in your flowerbeds and beneath the hedges. Just a thin layer of mulch can protect your plants from drought and keep weeds at bay. If you had any intention of hiring a lawn care, this is the best period to renew your annual contract.

Trees: It is also advisable to have your trees inspected by a certified arborist who can check for signs of any illness and dead branches before they can create a great problem leading to the cutting down of the tree. Inspecting it with your bare eye could miss signs of damage thereby creating a problem to your home and neighboring properties if they die off.

Lawns and hedges: Re-seed your lawn filling in the warn out patches before the upcoming heat in summer. Endeavor to plant your perennials and give them enough water to avoid drought. These grasses could be fertilized later in the springs when it turns bright green again.

Inspects: Take a walk around the outside of the house to check if there are cracks in the concrete and if the driveway is in good condition. Check the roofs if there is any sign of damage and if the chimney is in good condition.

The gutters: The gutters help in the flow of rainwater and so protecting your roof, siding, and foundation. Make sure you clean them, at least twice a year to prevent them from clogging as this may cause leakage into your house.

Paints: Exterior paints help in beautifying the house and protects gravels from water damage and rot. In cases of peeling or chipping paints, you may need to do some touch-up or a fresh coat. Make sure you put the work during springs in situations where you want to hire a professional.

Give the house a bath: The best period to give your house a good scrub is during springs. Make sure you take the storm windows off and wash them inside out. When gravel is being stocked in the frontage, it might damage the paint and stonework as time passes by therefor wait for a dry day and get to work.

Pool: In a situation where you own a pool, it is good to open it again for summer. Make sure you treat the water, check and replace all worn out valves and filters and inspect all the equipment’s in the pool before you swim.

HVAC Systems: It is advisable to call an HVAC technician to schedule the system in homes of central heat and air. The technician should endeavor to check the ductwork if there are any signs of damage, also clean and service the furnace, check the A/C compressor. Make sure you clean the bathroom vent.

Plumbing: Do a proper checkup of your pipes including under the sinks if there are any signs of leakage, check for telltale water stains which because of a leak in the wall. To have a good say on the toilets, check the faucets and the flappers in the tank if they are in a good shape.

Sump pumps: Since spring is mostly accompanied by rain, check your sump pump if they are draining properly. Make sure you do this before there is a major rain or snow thaw to avoid huge damages.

Chimney:  The chimney needs a constant checkup even if you are not using the fireplace constantly. The chimney helps to carry poisonous gases from your fireplace out of your home keeping the air inside breathable. Make sure your chimney is checked every year and cleaned periodically.

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