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How to Fix Up Your Home

If you’ve spent a reasonable time of your life in the same home, or you just bought a fixer-upper, it’s obvious you’ll want to renovate and upgrade your home to experience the best of it. However, we all know how expensive some upgrades can be. A new set of kitchen sets will cost thousands of dollars. New countertops, bath vanities, and hardwood floors will cost some real good money.

Interior design isn’t just about creating a home that looks new and current, it can as well be seen as a method of preserving the past and respecting the initial design or character of the older home. In case you own a home with some time-earned character or an apartment with a certain quirky charm, consider these tips for addressing the issues that need to be touched while bringing out the best of your home’s past present and future.

  • Paint walls and ceilings: Generally, some of the greatest features that could probably call your attention to an older home are beautiful moulding, trim and door details built during a different era, while finishing touches carried a certain polish and personality. By just applying a simple coat of paint is considered the first step towards preserving and highlighting every detail.


  • Surfaces and Fixtures: Surfaces are among the most important when it comes to interior design and fixes. Use peel-and-stick contact paper with stainless steel finishes on appliances. This will provide the modern look you so much desire without the astronomical price tag..


  • Replace doorknobs, Handles, and Hinges: These are highly significant but inexpensive finishing touches that will create a huge impact on your home’s interior design. They’re very easy and quick to install so that shouldn’t be a problem at all. In the same way, you can as well buy new hardware for the cabinets in your house.


  • Improve the Lighting: Make sure to have bulbs that have provides an appropriate light spectrum for the area. What you need here is a combination of soft bulbs that emit a yellow/red undertone in areas such as the living room. Other areas such as study zones such as study areas should have bright bulbs that emit blue undertones. Such areas include your home office or library. Go ahead and replace blinds and curtains in the windows. Two-inch wood blinds would give your home a better look than most one-inch vinyl blinds.


  • Decorate and Declutter: organize your furniture. It must not necessarily be new pieces of furniture. By simply creating new shapes and rearranging the flow of the living room will work perfectly.


  • Make use of some Front Door Décor: Wreaths aren’t for Christmas only. They can be found year-round and can add an exceptional dose of added beauty to your front door. Look for wreaths made from dried or preserved greens and florals, you can as well make things easier by purchasing one made from flaux plants. Stay away from seasonal elements that can date a wreath and make it appear inappropriate. Instead, go with something simple and elegance throughout an entire season.


  • Power Wash: There are very few things possibly to match the joy of power washing years of dirt and grime off your siding, porch, walkway, and driveway. In case you don’t own a power washer, you can simply rent one from a hardware store.


  • Hide electrical fixtures: Having an electrical box at the front of your home can really stand out, and not in a good way. Possibly, a quick paint job can turn things around and camouflage the fixture so it blends in instead of being an attention grabber. Go with a color that’s the same as your home’s sidings.


Final Touches: Clean and turn on your furnace and ventilation shafts. Doing this doesn’t call for a cosmetic upgrade, but will enable your home function more effectively. Burn candles or incense, or use an air freshener, a new scent might help you enjoy the feeling of a new and nicer atmosphere

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