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Sweeten the Pot!

Are you having any interest in your home? Before you think about a price reduction, you may want to consult with your real estate agent about sweetening the deal a little for potential buyers.

Some people offer to pay closing costs. We’ve all heard about closing cost credits, but those are almost so common now that buyers expect them – they don’t really distinguish your house from any of the other homes on the market anymore.

What can distinguish your home is leaving behind some of your personal property, ideally items that are above and beyond what the average homebuyer in your home’s price range would be able to afford. That may be stainless steel kitchen appliances or a plasma screen TV, or it might be a golf cart if your home is on a golf course.

It’s one more thing you won’t have to move and may be just the ticket for selling your home! With that said, understand that if you offer up too many items it could affect your buyers ability to borrow all of the money needed to buy your home. There are limits in what you can leave behind but this should get you thinking about something to could make a difference!

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